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Michael Brian Cotter


For peers and clients alike, Michael Brian Cotter’s effortless ability to collaborate and share his extensive industry knowledge is one of the many reasons his experience is valued. Having worked in the information technology and e-commerce space for years, Michael is also adept in customer relationship management, business strategy, management consulting, strategic analysis, customer retention, and financial management. One of his passions is water-centric technology and he works with non-profits like and their partners to make the world a better place. 

About Michael Brian Cotter

Michael Brian Cotter attended the United States Military Academy at West Point. After graduation, he went on to complete both the U.S. Army’s Airborne and Ranger Schools. For five years, he also proudly served as a commissioned infantry officer. In addition to obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Engineering Mechanics, Michael also lettered for 4-years on the varsity hockey team.

Michael’s first position after graduation was at Lockheed Martin, leading a 15-person team of engineers and analysts. He and his team maintained a global satellite network for image intelligence collection used to this day as a critical national asset. 

Michael Brian Cotter left the aerospace industry to focus on the burgeoning internet sector in his capacity as an information technology-centric recruiter. Over 10 years he studied the ups and downs of the IT, Financial and Manufacturing sectors culminating in a 2-year stint as an Executive Search Consultant for Morgan Samuels in Beverly Hills, CA. 

As a Director of Panda Software’s US sales group for 2 years, Michael was in charge of the planning, execution, and administration of the company’s distribution & OEM expansion in the US, including working with retailers, resellers, fulfillment centers, and distribution teams. Michael oversaw a 2X increase of the company’s US income to $3MM.

Michael next served for 2 years as the Director of Agency Services at Quadrant Information Services, providing services to independent P&C insurance agents, eventually expanding into General Agency. In 2007 he took on the role of VP of Business Development for Quatrro BPO Solutions Pvt. Ltd., one of the pioneers for one-call-fix-all computer technical support made  affordable for home consumers and small businesses. QResolve covered the consumer side, and SPTDesk handled the business end of the product line.

Michael worked as the CEO of Global Digital Concierge Pte Ltd, where he spent nearly a decade leading the marketing and business development world. His team focused on providing 24/7 tech support for consumers and small businesses.

In addition to Michael Brian Cotter’s passion for clean water technology, he is a dedicated wellness and fitness follower. He maintains a strict diet that shuns gluten, dairy, and sugar, and he coaches and inspires those around him. He also believes in setting a good example and going above and beyond for his favorite causes. Michael strives to be an agent of change and gravitates towards companies that prioritize human resource development. To read more about Michael Brian Cotter, follow and!

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