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A few companies may come to mind when looking to see who’s dominating the water technology industry. These companies are among the most innovative, developing several systems, be it local or worldwide. There are several companies that you should consider when looking for the top clean water technology companies, but here is the list of the top five. 


Based in Paris, France, Veolia Environment is best known for being the company that’s the leading global provider of water treatment and water treatment services. Through their subsidiary, Veolia Water Technologies Company, Veolia creates water treatment systems and wastewater treatment systems for both municipal and industrial customers. They also manufacture water filtration systems. Most recently, Veolia has worked on expanding into the UK with the launch of a new Water Technologies company. 


This company is most well known for being a great company that provides wastewater treatment tools. These tools include things that allow for efficient analysis, evaluation, and treatment of wastewater. This is also incredibly helpful for things such as raw water treatment. 


Xylem is a company whose primary focus is on water and wastewater treatment, waste management, and many other environmental services. Not only that, but they’re also most well known for being the leader in wastewater treatment, water, and energy, among other things. You may know Xylem for their water-conductive fabrics in plants, which help bring water from the roots upward. Xylem is the leader in water treatment through modern reverse osmosis and desalination plants. 

United Utilities Group

Formed in 1995 from a merger of North West Water and Norweb, United Utilities Group provides both water and wastewater treatment services in the North West of England. When looking at the companies geographically, United Utilities Group is one of the largest water treatment companies in England and Europe. They have offices in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. 


Pentair is a global water treatment company that provides a number of different water treatment services, ranging from smart, residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and agricultural. Their main goal is to help give people access to clean water, as well as reduce water consumption.